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RMU Research #: 31522
Title: Drama Discovery: Setting the Stage for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Needs to Learn about Self
Author/PI: Michele N Hipsky;   (Shellie Hipsky)
Date(s): 07/01/2007
Category: Education
Type: Journal Paper
Description: The Drama Discovery Curriculum (Hipsky, 2006a) was piloted in a middle school classroom for eleven students with emotional/behavioral disabilities and one student with delinquent behaviors at a small private alternative education school in Western PA. Students with emotional and/or behavioral disabilities often have low self-efficacy when it comes to explaining their own disabilities, coping with the label, and general issues that come from having a disability. The article begins by delving into what categorizes a student as having an emotional/behavioral disability. It then explores the compounding factors that often accompany the exceptionality. The disorder's impact on the students' academic growth and self-esteem is positively affected by the use of the curriculum. The current literature and this study support that dramatic games and improvisation in the classroom can provide a safe space for the students to express their feelings and learn social skills.
Related Site: http://www.usca.edu/essays/vol212007/Hipskyrevised.pdf
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