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RMU Research #: 4830
Title: The Pre-Conceptual Map Methodology: Development and Application
Author/PI: Michele N Hipsky;   (Shellie Hipsky)
Date(s): 12/01/2006
Category: Education
Type: Journal Paper
Description: The objective of this article is to present the Pre-Conceptual Map methodology as a formalized way to identify, document, and utilize preconceived assumptions on the part of the researcher in qualitative inquiry. This technique can be used as a stand alone method or in conjunction with other qualitative techniques (i.e., naturalistic inquiry). This document explains how to utilize the process and includes specific examples based on a formal study of the pilot of The Drama Discovery Curriculum. The article highlights the Pre-conceptual Map methodology for use by other researchers by examining: the need for the methodology, how it is related to the literature, the implications for other professions, and the contribution to the field of qualitative methodology. This Qualitative Report article has been used in a Harvard University research methods course.
Related Site: http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR11-4/hipsky.pdf
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