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Faculty Publications, Working Papers

RMU Research #: 13341
Title: Fungi in Fabricated Soils.
Author/PI: Maria V Kalevitch;   Kefeli, V.I.
Date(s): 07/23/2005 - 07/28/2005
Category: Biology
Type: Conference Paper
Description: Manufactured soils are used for remediation. The decay of natural components releases nutrients helping the biota to flourish. The main goal was to examine the effects of fungal activity on soil health. Fabricated soil had the most variety in fungal species compared with topsoil (6 vs. 5), and certainly mining soil had the least number of fungal species, only 2. The most prevalent fungi in soil samples were Trichoderma and Penicillium, the full array included Fusarium, Mucor, Aspergillus and more. Mining soil had mostly Trichoderma spp-97%.Top soil was rich in Trichoderma spp and Fusarium spp- both 29%, Acremonium spp-24% and Rhizopus-15%. We view fabricated soils at this point as the short-term solution to the problem. But it will help at least initially to alleviate the problem of soil erosion as more and more acres of soil in the world are lost annually. Further investigation into microbial presence and plant interactions could yield into funding a more permanent solution.
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