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RMU Research #: 17939
Title: An Object-Oriented System for Distributed Workflow Automation
Author/PI: Peter Y Wu
Date(s): 06/01/2004 - 07/20/2004
Category: Computer Information Systems
Type: Conference Paper
Description: Workflow has evolved from coordinating transaction-based tasks around the database system for automation of business processes, to orchestrating concurrent tasks and asynchronous events for distributed application services in the network. While protocols and regulations may differ from one organization to another, they may also change from time to time. This paper presents an object-oriented system for workflow automation to provide a new level of flexibility for system customization including protocol changes. It describes an architectural design built upon the central idea of the workflow object, which serves to coordinate communication between collaborating agents in the network, for the enactment of the workflow. The locality of reference in the workflow object demonstrates an ease of administering with the flexibility for system customization. A workflow definition tool integrated into the system can create workflow templates to support workflow design and verification.
Related Site: http://www.iadis.org/es2004
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