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RMU Research #: 19210
Title: Chemical Signaling During Organism’s Growth and Development.
Author/PI: Maria V Kalevitch;   Kefeli, V., Borsari B., Jasmin Davis, Greg Bolous
Date(s): 10/01/2004
Category: Biology
Type: Journal Paper
Description: Only few researchers studied correlative processes in the multicellular organisms. However practical applications of scientific research and holistic approach itself are tightly connected with correlative messages based on genetic, ionic, and hormonal integrative systems. These systems do determine growth and development of the organisms. All correlative signals could be divided into internal and external. Among external signals one can find: physical signals such as temperature, light, gravity, magnetic fields, etc. Internal signals are chemical signals, for example mineral elements, organic substances, food components, phytohormones and others.
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