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RMU Research #: 23619
Title: Cell Track: Mapping the Appropriation of Life Materials
Author/PI: Hyla J Willis;   Wilding, Faith; Sommer, Lucia;   (subRosa)
Date(s): 09/10/0004 - 02/25/0005
Category: Fine/Performing Arts
Type: Exhibition
Description: A gallery exhibit and web site that examine the economic and bodily flows of stem cell research, especially the impact of patents & intellectual property rights on women and public health. Created by subRosa members Hyla Willis, Faith Wilding, and Lucia Sommer. Exhibited in Australia 9/10/04-10/03/04 At the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth in Bio Difference: The Political Ecology, curated by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr Exhibited in the US 12/08/04-02/25/05 At the SAIC Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago in YOUgenics, curated by Ryan Griffis
Related Site: http://www.refugia.net/celltrack/
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