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RMU Research #: 28252
Title: The Fine Art of Formality and Flummery
Author/PI: Michele N Hipsky;   (Shellie Hipsky), (Shellie Jacobs)
Date(s): 07/01/2004
Category: Education
Type: Journal Paper
Description: After presenting at an international conference on educational leadership at St. Peter's College, University of Oxford: Oxford, England, the author was invited to write this reflective piece for The Northam Centre for Leadership Studies Monograph. The monograph was titled "Leadership in Self-Governing Schools: Shared Leadership for More Effective Schools." The article can be found under Dr. Hipsky's maiden name "Shellie Jacobs" on page 38 of the pdf.
Related Site: http://www.education.duq.edu/institutes/PDF/Oxford_Monograph_March_04%20(2).pdf
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