Faculty Publications, Working Papers

RMU Research #: 29065
Title: Meeting Community Needs Through Curriculum Diversification
Author/PI: Derya A Jacobs
Date(s): 03/05/2003
Category: Nursing
Type: Grant Proposal Submitted
Description: The proposal is submitted to the U.S. Department of Education for "TITLE III-Strengthening Institutions Program" and it includes two major activities: 1)Address regional and community workforce needs-Funds are requested to address the University's need for a more diversified curriculum and the community's need for trained healthcare professionals to alleviate a chronic shortage of same. 2)Enhance site, space and physical facilities for growth- Funds are requested to provide renovated classroom and laboratory space for the new nursing program. Total amount requested is $1,822,481. The Project Team includes Derya Jacobs, Richard Ritchie, David Majka and Lynda Davidson.
Related Site: http://www.ed.gov
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