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Online Experience

Online Experience

Applied curriculum. Professional focus. Personal attention.

The online experience at RMU is specifically designed to fit your busy, active lifestyle. Each online degree offered by RMU mirrors the university's tradition of excellence and dedication to the professional student, providing an applied curriculum taught by the same professors you'll find in the classroom. It's what sets RMU's online programs apart from the rest.

Robert Morris serves the professional student by delivering flexible, affordable, accredited, and practical continuing education in a supportive, connected environment. Our online degrees enable you to promote yourself at your convenience.


Casey Betzler

See how Casey successfully juggled being a mother, teacher, and online students.    





Kelly Askari

When she saw her daughter enrolling at RMU, Kelly decided to go back to college with her.





Dennis Morelli

Dennis wanted a better quality of life, and upon graduation, that's just what he got.    





Prof. Sushil Acharya

Dr. Acharya earned his Ph.D. while raising a one-year-old, so he understands how busy our students can get.





Nicole Marcink

Nicole wanted to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Her internship let her accomplish that.





Joe Gallo

Joe wanted to join his wife, father-in-law, and brother-in-law in the "Master's Club."     





Prof. Holly Hampe

After three decades in the healthcare profession, Dr. Hampe knows what it takes to care for others.





Bill Wissinger

Bill had a bad first run at college, and then he discovered RMU Online.                                        





Andie Sowers

Andie quickly realized how much of a family she had at RMU Online.