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RMU’s Psychology degree provides education and training to
prepare students for a successful career or graduate study in
psychology and related fields, such as child care, counseling,
research, or social work. Students learn to apply current
psychological principles to practical problems in the workplace
and everyday life.

Our faculty members are specialists in their areas of expertise,
and all have related work experience as practitioners in the field, such as researchers, authors, psychologists, and counselors.

The goal of the B.S. in Psychology degree program is to prepare professionals who can:

  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills in psychology.
  •   Demonstrate the critical thinking, decision-making and general application skills necessary for ethical and competent performance in human services occupations.
  • Conduct and integrate traditional and developing methods of research and scholarship and apply these methods to practical problems in human endeavors.
  • Communicate clearly and succinctly in professional writing, presentation and scholarship.

Psychology Career Options

U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics predict that psychology will be one of the fastest growing professions in the next 10 years. The number of social/human service assistants is projected to grow at an above average rate of 36 percent or more. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry's 2004 statistics indicate more than 3,000 position openings a year in the social/human services fields.

Sample Business/Industry Job Titles
Social worker, counselor, clinical coordinator, child care provider, recreation specialist, management trainee, research assistant, residential advisor, career counselor, academic advisor, customer service representative, sales associate, recruiter, police officer.

2010 national mean bachelor-level, entry-level salaries:
(information from the National Association of Colleges and Employers)
By type of employer By job function
Communications (Broadcasting/Telecomm.) $29,847 Administration
(Social Services)
Educational Services $30,748 Counseling $33,114
Financial Services $32,968 Customer Service $29,264
Government (Federal) $36,146 Human Resources/
Industrial Relations
Healthcare Services (Nonprofit) $26,150 Management Trainee $29,371
Professional Orgs.
$46,108 Research (Nontechnical) $37,640
Retail/Wholesale Trade $29,094 Sales $33,997
Social Assistance $30,868 Social Work $32,000
2009 RMU Salary Survey Range: Mean:
Applied Psychology $20,000 - $21,000 $20,500 (based on three or fewer responses)


Below is a typical four-year course of study for psychology students, including major requirements and electives. Your own schedule will vary based on your own interests. 

FRESHMAN/Fall Semester FRESHMAN/Spring Semester
Reading & Writing Strategies Argument and Research
Fundamentals of Info Systems Survey of Economics
Natural Science elective Math Reasoning with Apps.
General Psychology Principles of Sociology
United States History I Applied Psychology
SOPHOMORE/Fall Semester SOPHOMORE/Spring Semester
Public Speaking and Persuasion Statistics
Humanities: Art and Music Professional Communications
Literature elective Physiological Psychology
Child Psychology Sensation and Perception
Social Psychology Abnormal Psychology
JUNIOR/Fall Semester JUNIOR/Spring Semester
Methods in Behavioral Research Industrial Psychology
Cognitive Psychology Psychology elective
Psychology elective General elective
Psychology elective                       General elective
General elective General elective

SENIOR/Fall Semester SENIOR/Spring Semester
Applied Psych. Thesis Psychology elective
Applied Psych. Practicum General elective
Psychology elective General elective
General elective General elective
General elective General elective


At Robert Morris University, we’re not just training our students to get a job, we’re educating them for a whole series of professional careers—and for a lifetime of enrichment and contribution. We call the RMU education “engaged learning,” and we are one of a handful of schools around the nation that offers students a Student Engagement Transcript to certify their character-building credentials as well as their academic credentials. Our unique combination of high-quality academics with a professional focus allows us to transform our graduates.

Psychology Club 

The Psychology Club at RMU unites students with interests in Psychology and provides opportunities for them to explore their passions in the field.

Throughout the year, the Psychology Club hosts speakers on various psychological topics and careers, engages in community service events, and coordinates group activities such as psych movie nights.

Participating in the Psychology Club is an excellent way to network with students and faculty members in Psychology and seek advice on classes and potential career paths. The Psychology Club typically meets bi-weekly. The Faculty Advisor for the Psychology Club is Dr. Samantha Monda.


The School of Education and Social Sciences faculty is comprised of caring individuals who accept the responsibility for educating the "whole" student at RMU. Consequently, our faculty members are specialists in their areas of expertise who effectively implement sound instructional practices when teaching and just as importantly, they engage students in a variety of purposeful enrichment activities outside the classroom setting. As all faculty possess related work experience as practitioners in the field, such as researchers, authors, psychologists, counselors, etc., students learn from them first-hand what it takes to succeed.

Scholarships are available based upon academic achievement. 

For freshmen, high school grade point average and ACT/SAT scores are used. For transfer students, the cumulative grade point average of all college courses is used. Scholarships range from $1000 per year up to full tuition. (To calculate your scholarship eligibility, click here.)

Higher education is an investment in your future. 

At Robert Morris University, we will work closely with you to show you how to finance your education through a combination of need-based financial aid, scholarships, and financing strategies to make your education attainable. RMU has one of the lowest tuition rates of all private institutions in the state, but we know that financing your education can be complicated, and your family might need help in understanding your options. 

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