Mike Boylan: Robert Morris University Mike Boylan | Robert Morris University


Most students don’t start getting hands-on training in their field until they begin taking internships during their junior and senior years in college. But Mike Boylan ‘12, M’13 started building his resume in high school.

A recent graduate of Robert Morris University, where he received his Master’s of Science in Competitive Intelligence Systems, Mike has been doing Mac systems administration since he worked as a student employee for the Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh.

“The faculty and staff at Fox Chapel, where I went to school from kindergarten through high school, allowed me to explore my interests and participate professionally as a student,” he says. “I was able to explore my career goals far earlier than most and they supported my self development.”

When he came to RMU, Mike continued getting work experience as a Mac specialist for the university’s Information Technology (IT) department while completing the integrated BS/MS in Competitive Intelligence Systems. Today he works as a senior systems engineer for RMU, focusing on core university server infrastructure; he also still administers and manages all of the university’s Macs.

“RMU has been a great fit for me,” he says. “I knew that I did not want to become a computer programmer, nor did I want to become a computer engineer. RMU’s degree programs in computer and information systems blend those two traditional degree programs into one and incorporate the university’s long-standing tradition of excellence in business.”

Last year Mike was invited to speak at the international Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, where he presented alongside some of the most well respected Mac enterprise admins in the country. He spoke again this year at the MacIT conference in March.

Through his studies and work with IT, Mike has always felt a deep connection to RMU and an appreciation for the opportunities it has provided him. It’s why he believes so strongly in giving back to RMU financially. He’s been a President’s Council-level donor for the past two years, and now has become the youngest alum ever to make a bequest to the university in his will.

“As a Presidential Scholar, the university has invested a lot in me,” he says. “I just felt it was right to invest back in the future of RMU.”