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RMU faculty and staff members share their passion for young women's empowerment and leadership through a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a WLMP student for the four years that she is in the program. WLMP Faculty/Staff Mentors share their experience and encouragement while they are inspired by the ideas, energy, willingness to learn, and overall excellence that WLMP students bring to the relationship.

The WLMP is recruiting!If you are interested in becoming a Faculty/Staff Mentor, please submit your completed application to Dr. Lauren Rauscher, the WLMP Director, at rauscher@rmu.edu.

Artemisia Apostolopoulou          Professor, Sport Management John Locke Director, Student Activities 
Len Asimow Professor, Math & Actuarial Science Brett Luther Intl. Admissions Counselor 
Rachel Ayers Transfer Admissions Counselor Dawn Maida Senior Director, Internal Audit
Wendy Beckemeyer VP, Enrollment Management John McCarthy Professor, History
Lois Bryan Sr. Assoc. Dean, Acad. Excellence  Donna McDermott Interim Dept. Head, Nursing
Daria Crawley Assoc. Professor, Management Sushma Mishra Associate Professor, CIS
Letrell Crittenden Asst. Professor, Communication Sam Moik Engaged Learning Specialist
Vicki Donne Professor, Education Carrie Moniot Student/New MediaAdvisor
Heather Elfen Assistant Professor, Mathematics Anthony Moretti Director, CITADEL
Nadine Englert Associate Dean, SNHS David Munn Career Coach
Soren Fanning Associate Professor, History Addie Muti Associate Director of Athletics
Rachel Farrell Secretary II, SESS Lisa Nauman Academic Affairs Admin. Asst.
Michelle Gapsky Senior Admissions Counselor, Online Bethany Neiman Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Tina Gitelman Mngr., Online/Off-Campus Services      Chloe P. Mills Assoc. Prof., Learning Resources
M. Kathleen Gray Adj. Professor, Education Jesse Phillips Manager, CGE
Betsy Guimond Assistant Professor, Nursing Jamie Pinchot Associate Professor, CIS
Holly Hampe Director, Health Services Admin. Mary Poehlmann Assistant to Dean, SESS
Ashley Haney Asst. Director, Residence Life Yasmin Purohit Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Catie Hanna Associate Professor, Biology Michael Quigley Asst. Professor, Org. Leadership
Mary Hansen Professor, Education Carrie Richards Programs Team Leader
Shaina Hargenrader Financial Analyst Jen Salvador Senior Development Officer
Philip Harold Associate Dean, SESS Karly Shorts Freshman Admissions Counselor
Melissa Hillwig Assistant Professor, Biology Sue Spade Lecturer, Engineering
Carol Howard Adj. Professor, Org. Leadership Lauren Speerhas Asst. Director, Student Success
Diane Igoche Assistant Professor, CIS Paul Spradley Director, Center for Student Success
Ann Jabro Professor, Communication Nelle Stahura Head Coach, Women's Rowing
Sue Jamison Adj. Professor, Social Sciences  Carrie Tancraitor Researcher & Consultant
Maureen Keefer Assistant Dean of Students Chester Thompson Director, Student Support & Community Outreach
Jackie Klentzin Professor, Learning Resources  Hyla Willis Associate Professor, Media Arts
Anne Lahoda Director, Residence Life Rika Wright-Carlsen  Asst. Professor, Engineering
Jasmin Lin Associate Professor, Management Jennifer Young Director of Annual Giving