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Robert Morris Men’s Ice Hockey player Furman South modestly describes himself as a “defensive wing with offensive potential.”

RMU_PresInsSp12SouthDespite his tendency to undersell his role on the ice, South continually sets a high standard for himself and his teammates. In the 2010-11 season he managed only one two-minute penalty, and the next year he played in all but one game.

“For the most part, I work, play hard defensively, and try to do whatever I can to help the team win,” South said.

The winning mentality doesn’t stop with hockey. For the past two years, South posted the highest cumulative grade-point average on the hockey team and maintains a 3.94 GPA while studying pre-medicine as his major. His interest in medicine has led him to a summer internship at Greater Pittsburgh Physical Therapy and membership with the Allied Students for Health Careers Services, a campus group that volunteers at health clinics and hospitals.

During this past “Movember,” a campaign to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, South helped start a website with other members of the hockey team. The site allowed visitors to find resources surrounding prostate cancer and included a place to donate money to the cause.

South joined many members of the “Movember” campaign in growing a mustache for the month of November, in order to further promote the global movement against cancer. In total, the RMU Men’s Hockey team raised $4,000.

“The whole business of the mustache was the awareness part,” South said. “It was a fun way for us to look stupid and raise money.”

For the past two years, South has been lending what little is left of his time participating in RMU’s Special Olympics Bowling fundraiser by keeping score, getting food and drinks, and making sure the children are having fun. He also volunteers for “Hockey in the Hood,” a program designed to promote the sport to inner city youth.