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Global Engagement

Information for F-1 Visa Holders in Last Semester of Study

Please note that this information is specific to the last semester of study and should not be used in any other scenario.

Do I have to apply for graduation?

Yes! Academic Services requires that you submit your application to graduate within 10 days of the start of your last semester. Failure to apply by the deadline may result in a significant delay in receiving your diploma. If you do not finish, you must re-apply the next semester or you will not receive your diploma.

Can I take a reduced course load in my last semester?

Yes, if the credits needed to graduate are less than a full course load, you may contact the CGE for permission to take fewer classes. Please note that when you request a reduced course load, your I-20 Program Length will be shortened to the end of the current semester. This means that if you do not pass your classes, you will have to apply for permission to extend your program.

Complete the form linked below and bring it to the Center for Global Engagement to request a reduced courseload:

Reduced Courseload Authorication Form

Can I take online classes AND a reduced course load?

  •   Undergraduates must take at least 6 on-ground credits before they can register for an online course.
  •   Graduate Students may not take any online courses without providing evidence from their Department Head that they have exhausted all other options. In this unique case, they may take one online course provided they are still enrolled in one on-ground.

Under no circumstances may a F-1 visa holder be enrolled in only online courses. 

What happens if I do not graduate?

Please inform the Center for Global Engagement as soon as you suspect you may not complete your degree and no later than your last day of class.  You should also contact Academic Services as you will have to re-apply for graduation.

What happens if I take an "Incomplete" grade in one of my classes?

Taking an "Incomplete" means you are finishing work from a class you were previously registered.  Unless you are registered for new class(es), your program cannot be extended.  If you are not enrolled in any classes, you will have until the end of the 60 Day Grace Period to complete your work from the previous semester. If you are in the country after that, you will be out of status.

When is my Program End Date

Your program end date is determined by the the day grades are due for that term. You can find this in RMU’s Academic Calendar. This date is used to determine application deadlines for OPT, and when your 60 day grace period starts.

When is my Program End Date if I finish in the middle of the semester?

It is the date that your grades are turned in. This means that students that finish in March may not be able to stay in the country for graduation. Please consider this when planning your last semester. You should speak with a CGE staff member to determine this date.

What is the 60 Day Grace Period?

  You have 60 days after your Program End Date to (1) leave the United States, (2) apply for OPT, (3) transfer to a new school/program, or (4) change your visa status.

Please contact Jesse Phillips to discuss these options in more detail. If you fail to complete one of these 4 options within 60 days of completing your program you will be considered out of status.