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Global Engagement

* Please note it can take up to two weeks for any letter requests and that letters will not be emailed.

Enrollment Letter

This is called a "Student Verification Letter." Students can log into their RMU account online and print it. Sponsors will want a copy of your checksheet as well as this letter. Instructions in Arabic can be found here.

Scholarship Extension Letter

This is a letter to extend the length of your scholarship to cover your remaining semesters. All information for this letter is taken directly from your degree checksheet. Any pending updates to your check sheet will not be included. You must also print a "Student Verification Letter" to get the expected graduation date as it will not be included in the extension letter. 

Online Course Letters

Please note: Letters will only be written if they meet SACM's policy. This means the course must not be available on ground.

Tutoring Letter

Please note that tutoring must NOT be available on campus in order to be approved for an off-campus tutor. Visit the Tutoring Center for a list of available tutors.

This letter is for sponsored students who need permission from their sponsor in order to change thier major or other program of study information.

Dean's List Letters

Should you earn a Dean's list letter it will be sent to your "Local" mailing address. The school will not reprint Dean's list letters so ensure your local address is current. You can check your local address by logging into RMU account online.

Degree Confirmation Letter/Email

Sponsors will request your degree confirmation via email. You must give your sponsor permission to your RMU records. CGE will complete the confirmation and return it to the sponsor.

Driver's License letters are no longer required by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. 


Need a letter that is not listed here? Email Tabitha with your specific request.