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Global Engagement

RMU Application Deadlines

Preparing for studying abroad requires meeting a number of important deadlines. Applications/deposits received on or before the dates listed below will be fully considered for an education abroad experience. Past the deadline? Please speak to a Study Abroad Advisor to discuss what options are available to you.

Recommended Spring Abroad Deadline: RMU application materials due September 27th

Recommended Fall Abroad Deadline: RMU application materials due April 2nd

Recommended Summer Abroad Deadline: RMU application materials due February 28th

Faculty-Led Programs (FLEAPs): second payment due January 16th; final payment due February 13th

Getting Started

Taking those first steps!

The Study Abroad process can be a little overwhelming, here is a checklist to keep you on track. Generally speaking, you should begin this process six months before you intend to start your abroad program. If you're thinking about study abroad earlier than this, please use this time to

  1. research scholarships and program options;
  2. remember to save electives and general courses (i.e. Economics, Psychology, Principles of Marketing, Principles of ...) to take while you are abroad; and
  3. get your passport!



Road Map to Study Abroad

There are different timelines for studying abroad depending on the time of year you plan to go abroad. Check out the following links for timelines specific to when you wish to study abroad:

The first two steps to studying abroad are watching an informational video and telling us that you're interested! To share your interest, you can swipe your Freedom card when you see us on campus, or you can fill out the online form here (you'll need to be logged in to your RMU account in order to access the form). 

You must watch the video below before your first advising appointment with us. First, click here to join the class, then refresh this page so that you can watch the video below. Again, you'll need to be logged in with your RMU account in order to access the video.


Note on Passports: Make sure that you have a valid passport. Some countries require that your U.S. passport be valid not only for the duration of your visit, but also for up to six months after your entry or return from their country. This means you have to check your passport expiration date carefully. For example, if your passport expires on September 1, 2017, and you want to travel May 2017, you will need to renew your passport before you go. 

Note on Visas: Every country's visa requirements differ. You should receive information from your host university once you are accepted about the visa process. If you do not feel like you are getting this information in a timely manner or have questions about the process, please reach out to your study abroad advisor.