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The B.S. in Organizational Leadership online program offers a foundation in the process of influencing others and adapting to change, ethical behavior, organizational culture and global perspectives, purposeful communication, and the use of information for decision making. This major prepares students for a wide variety of career options in which their broad knowledge about people and organizations enables them to implement strategies to accomplish goals, drawing on the capabilities of all kinds of participants. Graduates obtain jobs or advance in their current careers in administration, management, and entrepreneurial ventures in corporate, government, private business, military, and non-profit organizations. 

The B.S. in Organizational Leadership degree is also available in a traditional format, as well as in a hybrid format that combines both online and traditional classroom coursework.

A wide range of career options is available to students completing the B.S. in Organizational Leadership degree program. Sample job titles: adult instructor, career counselor, communications officer, community outreach coordinator, consultant, corporate trainer, customer service manager, employee relations representative, employment counselor, events coordinator, health care administrator, human resource manager, job coach, marketing assistant, office manager, operations manager, organizational behavior specialist, personnel manager, program manager, project leader, recruiter, researcher/analyst, retail manager, safety director, sales manager, supervisor, training manager, training specialist or vocational counselor.

Examples of some actual positions held by graduates of RMU's Organizational Leadership program: Assistant Vice President at a Bank (PNC and Mellon), Marketing and Promotions Manager (Pittsburgh Pirates), U.S. Dept. of Labor Workers Compensation Case Manager Supervisor, Pet Daycare and Camp Owner and Operator (Camp Bow Wow), Store Manager (Get-n-Go), Engineer Supervisor (Auma Actuators), Receptionist (Columbia Gas), Vice President of Human Resources (Columbia Gas), Customer Service Manager (Auma Actuators).

The following link will take you to the check sheet for this program, detailing the academic requirements for completion. Credit requirements are broken down into three categories: 1) RMU Core, 2) Major, and 3) Minor/Focus/Open Electives.

Any questions, please contact RMU's Office of Admissions at 800-762-0097

Members of a society conduct their daily lives intersecting with their established educational, political, cultural, religious, commercial, familial, community and governmental organizations. These organizations require effective and flexible leaders and followers to maintain a well-functioning society and enable members to adapt to inevitable change.

Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary program emphasizing the analytical and practical skills necessary to effectively participate in a wide range of society's organizations. You will learn and practice how leaders recognize opportunity and motivate individuals and groups, and how followers choose leaders and why. You will learn to anticipate, plan, reflect, and act on problems and opportunities by using information, negotiating, organizing resources, and understanding human behavior.

Faculty members in the School of Communications and Information Systems, Department of Organizational Leadership, are dedicated to teaching and academic research, and they bring their own professional experience into the classroom. As guides and mentors, they inspire students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their academic pursuits and in their lives. Their professional experience and community involvement help students apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world situations in the workplace and beyond.

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