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The B.A. in English with a fully online focus in writing is an interdisciplinary offering in creative and/or professional writing. The area of study is intended for students and practicing professionals who wish to develop their writing skills in order to seek or advance a career in professional writing or creative writing and who wish to explore the rhetorical, linguistic, and technological context of writing in a variety of genres and media. 

For those interested in professional writing, the course work and internship prepares students for careers in professions that require professional writing such as technical writers, editors, or trainers. Students interested in becoming creative writers are able to explore a variety of genres including creative non-fiction and fiction, poetry, and drama. For the capstone course project, students focus on a single genre and write a play, a short story, an essay, a book of poems, or a novel.

Students focusing in English Studies are qualified for any job where thoughtful reading and writing is required. This is also true for the Professional and Technical Writing focus area. In addition, many students go on to law school and other professional graduate degrees as well as traditional academic degrees in English. The English Education focus area prepares students to teach at the secondary level (high school).


Proofreader - $45,100

Editorial Asst - $30,800

Managing Editor - $59,000

Tech Writer - $67,000

Publications Editor - $52,100

Copywriter - $48,100

Web Content Editor - $50,000

Publishing - $52,200

Paralegal - $37,000

HS English teacher – $37,000

Recent Employers and Jobs include:


Argosy University


Balboa Insurance Group


Cranberry Hearing & Balance

Hampton Township School District

National Network of Digital Schools

PNC Financial Services Group

Sterling House Publisher, Inc.



Teacher Facilitator


Customer Service Representative

Financial Aid Office



Financial Sales Consultant

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Marketing/Acquisitions Editor

Staff Writer

RMU CORE: (39 hrs)

Department Requirements (12 hrs)

3 LITO 2000 Study of Literature
3 LITO 2010 Study of Essay
3 ENGO 2540 Study of Language
3 ENGO 3500 Study of Rhetoric

Major (27 hrs)

3 ENGO 3020 Introduction to Writing Creative Prose—Fiction and Non-Fiction
3 ENGO 3030 Introduction to Writing Poetry and Drama
3 ENGO 3110 History of the English Language 

3 Choose six from:

3 LITO 1040 Coming of Age
3 LITO 1050 Classics & Counter Traditions
3 LITO 1060 Myths
3 LITO 1070 Children’s Lit
LITO 2030 African Am Lit
LITO 2055 World Lit
LITO 2080 Women and Lit
3 ELIT 3520 Shakespeare

Concentration (18 hrs)

Choose any six of the following (including ENGO 4000 and 4800 (required)):

3 ENGO 4140 (Writing Poetry Seminar)
3 ENGO 4150 (Writing Fiction Seminar)
3 ENGO 4160 (Writing Drama Seminar)
3 ENGO 4170 (Writing Non-Fiction Seminar)
3 ENGO 4000 (Writing Practices & Theories)
3 LITO 4800 (Writing Seminar)
3 COM 2500 (Instructional Media Design) 

Open Electives (24 hrs)

Students will be advised to take courses in a field in which or about which they might write: currently these options include: 

Online Information Systems Courses
Online Communication Courses
3 COM 2800 Strategic Writing
3 JRNL 2020 Copy Editing
3 COM 3030 Professional Writing
3 COM 3520 Document Design
3 COMM 4800 Media Management
3 ENGO 3025 Technical Writing
3 ENGO 3040 Technical Editing
Online Org Leadership Courses
Online Psych and Sociology Courses
Online Engineering Courses  

Total: 120 Credit Hours

Student Organizations: Rune, RMU’s literary magazine; The Sentry, RMU’s students newspaper; and Sigma Tau Delta, the International Society of English Majors.

Conferences (professional, student or both): the Creepy Conference, an annual student conference featuring creepy stories, videos, and photos. In addition, faculty work with students on submitting capstone papers to RMU’s Honors Conference as well as academic conferences in the region, state, and country.

What makes RMU’s program unique versus how other schools do it? Students in all four English concentrations read, write, and talk about a wide variety of texts. They study linguistics and rhetorical theory, subjects typically not available until graduate school. Students learn how people influence each other through language and other symbol systems. By examining persuasive strategies in art, advertising, professional and political discourse, literature, and the Internet, they learn the skills of close reading, interpretation, and criticism.

Current students are completing internships with organizations such as the Pittsburgh Penguins (public relations) and the University of Pittsburgh (writer).

English Education Student Teaching:

Fall 2011 term: Nine English Education students were placed in local school districts including Mc Guffey HS, Valley HS, Moon HS, Thomas Jefferson HS, North Allegheny HS, Carlynton HS, Highland HS, Western PA School for the Deaf, and Sto-Rox HS. Spring 2012 term:  Four English Education students were placed in South Fayette, Moon, Hopewell, and New Castle High Schools.

Post Undergrad Education
An increasing number of our students go on for the MA in English at Chatham, Duquesne, Pitt, CMU and other well know universities. In the past ten years over twenty of our English students have gone on for advanced degrees and now teach full-time or part-time at secondary or post-secondary schools and universities. Currently, twelve of our alumni teach communications skills and literature classes for the English Department. 

Faculty members in the School of Communications and Information Systems are recognized for their dedication to teaching, academic research, global understanding, and professional experience. Our faculty regularly wins awards and accolades for excellence in teaching and research. As guides and mentors, they motivate students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their field of study.

Faculty members encourage students to engage in scholarly pursuits, including participation in academic conferences and professional organizations. Our faculty members hail from seven countries on four continents, helping to broaden students’ global understanding. Many lead study abroad trips and international student exchanges in Europe, South America, and Asia. Finally, SCIS faculty members’ professional experience and community involvement help students connect what they’re learning in the classroom to the workplace. 

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