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Parent Council Mission

It is the mission of the Robert Morris University Parent Council to ensure a meaningful connection between the University and its Parents and Families. To ensure this connection, the council will provide ongoing and open communication between the two. Additionally, the council aims to create a deeper understanding of philanthropy and promote a culture of giving throughout their student’s journey here and after. The Parent Council will consist of parents and families within the RMU community who wish to contribute their time, talent, and financial support.

Requirements of Membership

Members of the Parent Council have been nominated and have agreed to serve a two year term. All members must be a donor in good standing, the parent of a current student, and actively work to promote RMU and the university’s initiatives and programs.

Roles and Responsibilities of Parent Council Members

Those serving on the Parent Council are responsible for connecting and welcoming other Colonial parents and families. Other roles include fundraising and working with the university on parent and family events.

Parent Council Members

  • Lisa Bray
  • Dave Cox
  • Charlotte and Stephen Englert
  • Kathy and Ron Graziani
  • Mary Grill
  • John Lichius
  • Dana and Bob McCutcheon
  • Janet and Tim Menzie
  • Stacey and Michael Passerini
  • Hyacinth Perrault
  • Ginina and Claymon Stevenson
  • Richard Wanant