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2018 Class Gift

Every year the graduating class comes together to raise funds for an area of Robert Morris University. The Class of 2018, accompanied by the Student Philanthropy Ambassadors (SPA) have chosen the Student Affairs Fund.

The class gift committee is made up of student philanthropists who are engaged in the RMU community. If you have questions about SPA or the class gift, please contact Hillary Moore at

Class Gift FAQ

What is Class Gift?
The senior class gift is a student-run fundraising effort that encourages students to give back to help other students achieve their goals and build a strong sense of community on the RMU campus. The class gift also stands to promote philanthropy throughout the entire student body and inspire graduating seniors to leave a legacy in commemoration of their educational journey.

Will my gift really make a difference?
Absolutely! Every donation to the Class Gift fund will have a direct impact on the lives of countless RMU students. A $5.00 donation goes much further than expected. Whether it be supporting students with a financial need or creating a new space on campus for students to use for the next several decades, your gift makes all this possible. Your participation is the key to success for the University.

Haven’t I already paid enough?
It is important to know that your tuition, room, and board only cover expenses associated with your personal education. All the funding that is used to support scholarship funds, create new spaces on campus, and host events is solely from donated funds. Without your support, RMU would not be able to continue to grow in becoming a place that truly changes lives.

What about after I graduate?
Making a contribution to the class gift is just the first step in joining the esteemed alumni community of Robert Morris University. Your relationship with RMU is one that will last a lifetime and your continued support will help provide undergraduate students with the same amazing experiences that past alumni have provided you. There is a strong tradition of philanthropy at RMU that allows new graduates to become a part of a supportive and rewarding community.

How do I donate?
You can make your donation today at

What more can I do?
If you have questions about SPA or the class gift, please contact Hillary Moore at

Past Gifts

Classes have been raising funds for a number of years that benefit RMU students and the community. Past gifts include:

  • 2017 - The Professional Success Award, Student Emergency Fund, Schroeder International Fund, 545 donors, 221 senior donors, $6,017
  • 2016 - Professional Success Award, 671 donors, 163 senior donors, $9,213
  • 2015 - Class of 2015 Grove, 486 donors, 247 senior donors, $11,204
  • 2014 - SNHS International Nursing Fund, 509 donors, $10,494
  • 2013 - Bronze Bob, 427 donors, $9,214
  • 2012 - Revolutionary War replica cannon, 405 donors, $6,972
  • 2011 - Way Finding Signage, 207 donors, $2,835
  • 2010 - Memorial Garden, 264 donors, $5,288 
  • 2009 - Memorial Garden, 197 donors, $2,514
  • 2008 - Memorial Garden, 133 donors, $2,550
  • 2007 - RMU Book Fund, 163 donors, $3,670
  • 2006 - RMU Book Fund, 232 donors, $4,541