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When you believe in something strongly, you can't help but want to be a part of it in some way. President’s Council members believe in RMU’s unique brand of education and demonstrate their support by making a significant annual gift of $1,000 or more to the university. They come from different backgrounds and include alumni, trustees, parents, faculty, staff, corporations and friends. Together, they share a commitment to investing in the future of RMU.

Their gifts reflect the diversity of their interests. Some give to the RMU Student Fund to allow maximum flexibility in the use of their gift, while others designate their gift to a particular area of interest, such as scholarships, a school or program of study, or an athletic program. To make their gift, President’s Council members can even arrange for preauthorized payments to be charged to their credit card each month, making giving simple and convenient. For just a little over $83 dollars a month, President’s Council members know that they are part of something that changes the lives of our students and has a ripple effect on the region as a whole.

RMU alumni who graduated in the last five years can enjoy some of the benefits as President's Council members by joining the Associates Council with a starting contribution of just $200.

Membership Levels and Opportunities

As a member of RMU's President's Council, in addition to providing a quality education to our students, you're also part of an exclusive club with many worthwhile benefits. Each fall, the annual President’s Council Reception honors that year's contributors, as well as students and alumni who have shown exemplary service to the university.

During the reception, RMU's Heritage Award is presented to an alum for distinguished service and accomplishment in any field of human endeavor that brings honor to the recipient and the university. The Rising Star Award is presented to a graduating senior who demonstrates academic success, individuality, determination, passion, and potential in his or her field of study.

President Level


  • Invitation to the annual international trip
  • Invitation to the annual President’s Council Reception
  • President’s Insider and other exclusive communications
  • 1921 Club passes to select games
  • Special invitations to exclusive events

Cabinet Level


All from previous level, plus:

  • Invitation to sit in the President’s Box during Colonial football games
  • Private member-only events with the President

Executive Level


All from previous levels, plus:

  • Member-only events with the President and Trustees
  • Invitations to exclusive athletic events and trips

Chairman Level

$25,000 and above

All from previous levels, plus:

  • Exclusive access to the President

Annual giving has the greatest impact on our students and our campus. When you choose to give annually at the President's Council level, you’re making an investment in the future prosperity and growth of our region, which, in turn, has a positive impact on the community at large. Your giving should reflect your passion. If you believe in the power of education and in RMU’s ability to influence the future of our region, please consider joining the President’s Council today.

To discuss your giving interests and learn more about President’s Council, please contact Jennifer Young via phone 412-397-5452 or email

Reception Photos

2017 President's Council Reception