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The President’s Fund for Engaged Learning is supported by gifts from alumni, family and friends of RMU. These individuals show that they support the core values of RMU, and the quality student that RMU graduates. In the past, Dr. Dell'Omo has used this fund to increase scholarships and financial aid, send students abroad and to conventions, improve technology throughout campus, and support students in countless other ways. Every student has been touched in some way by the President's Fund for Engaged Learning.  

  • It supports RMU outreach/community service programs (students providing medical services in Nicaragua, Mooncrest outreach) 
  • It allows RMU to address immediate needs and provide support when opportunities are presented 
  • It supports academic initiatives/technology (online classes)

As a senior at RMU, you have a unique opportunity to show your gratitude for everything you've experienced here over the past few years. This is a special place, as you already know, and the memories you have made here will last a lifetime. 

Each year, the members of the graduating class come together and raise money for a gift to the university. This gift shows students, faculty, and staff the gratitude and appreciation the new graduates have for Robert Morris University. Students interested in serving on the Senior Class Gift Committee will have an opportunity to be involved in coordinating fundraising efforts for their class.

For more information, contact Alan Buehler at or (412) 397-5292. Give to the Class Gift today.

Recent Class Gifts
2014 - SNHS International Nursing Fund, 509 donors, $10,494
2013 - Bronze Bob, 427 donors, $9,214
2012 - Revolutionary War replica cannon, 405 donors, $6,972
2011 - Way Finding Signage, 207 donors, $2,835
2010 - Memorial Garden, 264 donors, $5288 
2009 - Memorial Garden, 197 donors, $2514
2008 - Memorial Garden, 133 donors, $2550
2007 - RMU Book Fund, 163 donors, $3670
2006 - RMU Book Fund, 232 donors, $4541

The Dean's Fund for Excellence allows for flexibility to support areas of importance and emerging priorities within each of the five schools, including student scholarships, faculty funds, and enhancements to the learning environment.

With many Division I sports programs to choose from, RMU provides a number of opportunities for its student athletes. Through your support, we can help these programs grow, succeed, and compete on a national level.

Supporting academic funds helps RMU achieve it's key academic mission: professional preparation with a broad liberal arts education.  These funds allow students to travel, compete, and present at conferences; develop professional networks, and prepare students for the ever-changing, global workforce.

Supporting campus funds allows the university to maintain and update existing areas on campus without sacrificing the bottom line and our students' academic experience.