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Robert Morris University offers an Early Childhood Teacher Certification Preparation program for students who hold a bachelor's degree in any field. The program provides the coursework required for Pennsylvania state teacher certification for kindergarten through grade six.

Experts cite a great demand for teachers who can teach computer skills to their students and make effective use of technology as a teaching tool in the classroom. However, research shows that only 15 percent of all teacher candidates nationwide receive adequate training in using technology in the classroom.

This program was designed to meet the new Pennsylvania standards for technology education as well as the National Education Technology Standards established by the International Society for Technology in Education. It is based on the principles of developmentally appropriate practice to serve the needs of diverse populations of children through the development of active, constructive and collaborative learning experiences.

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If you wish to pursue the Master of Science in Instructional Leadership degree at RMU concurrently with the Early Childhood Teacher Certification Preparation program, you must apply for admission to the master's degree program and follow all graduate admission requirements and procedures. You also should notify the Graduate Admissions Office of your intention to pursue the two programs concurrently. 


  • Required GPA – 3.0
  • PA State Criminal Record – Act 34
  • PA Child Abuse – Act 33/151
  • FBI – Act 114

For more information on how to obtain the above clearances please click here.

Completion of the program requires a 16-week semester of supervised student teaching and the successful completion of all required Praxis examinations.

If you hold a bachelor's degree in a non-education related field, you must meet the following requirements for early childhood teacher certification in the state of Pennsylvania. The early childhood education coordinator will evaluate your academic transcripts to determine which of the course requirements have already been met through previous study.

Core Requirements - 3 credits each
COSK1220 Reading and Writing Strategies
COSK1221 Argument and Research
ELIT1070 Children's Literature
HIST1020 United States History I or
HIST1025 United States History II
HUMA1010 Humanities: Art and Music
INFS1050 Fundamentals of Information Systems
MATH1020 Pre-Calculus or
MATH1050 Math Reasoning/Applications
PSYC1010 General Psychology
Science Elective (3 credits from ENVS, BIOL, PHYS or SCIE)

Major Requirements - 3 credits each
GEOG1020 World Geography
MATH2010 Fundamentals of Mathematics
POLS1020 American National Government
PSYC2620 Child Psychology or
PSYC3550 Human Growth and Development
ENVS1160 Ecology of a Changing Planet or
SCIE1020 Fundamental Science Concepts

Education Requirements - 3 credits each unless noted
(*graduate-level equivalent course)
EDUC2000 Schools and Society or
EDUC6000* Critical Issues Affecting American Education
EDUC2100 Educational Psychology or
EDUC6010* Theories of Learning and Instruction
EDUC3010 Special Needs in the Elementary Classroom or
EDUC6080* Special Learning Problems
ELED3050 Educational Assessment or
EDUC6020* Assessment/Educational Statistics
EDUC3025 Instructional Design and Classroom Management or
EDUC6060* Curriculum Design and Development
ELED1000 Technology Literacy for Education or
EDUC6100* Multimedia Design or
EDUC6110* Computers in the Classroom
ELED2000 Electronic Media for Teachers or
EDUC6210* Internet/Basic Web Page Design
ELED3350 Elementary Content Area Reading and Assessment
ELED6800 Enhancing Instruction in Elementary Social Studies
ELED6810 Enhancing Instruction in Elementary Math and Science
ELED6820 Enhancing Instruction in Elementary Reading and Language Arts
ELED4060 Elementary Field Experience I
ELED4061 Elementary Field Experience II
ELED4200 Supervised Student Teaching (13 credits)
ELED4210 Student Teaching Seminar (2 credits)

Most of our graduate programs can be completed in 27 months or less, through in-class, online or hybrid study. Take classes one night a week through your course of study. Admission is rolling and classes start fresh every eight weeks. You can also choose to pursue your degree full- or part-time.


Through learning opportunities that are continually improved and updated, we provide enhanced opportunities to clear the way for our students’ success. In addition, our academic departments and programs have close ties with professional communities, providing valuable connections for our students.

Our programs support the intellectual, social, and personal development of students. They also prepare individuals through the integration of technology, effective communication skills, and the application of theory into practice. Overall, students will experience a dynamic combination of in-class and exciting engagement opportunities that fully prepare them for the many challenges that classroom teachers and applied psychology/social science working professionals manage on a daily basis.

The School of Education and Social Sciences faculty is comprised of caring individuals who accept the responsibility for educating the "whole" student at RMU. Consequently, our faculty members are specialists in their areas of expertise who effectively implement sound instructional practices when teaching and just as importantly, they engage students in a variety of purposeful enrichment activities outside the classroom setting. As all faculty possess related work experience as practitioners in the field, such as principals, superintendents, teachers, researchers, authors, psychologists, counselors, etc., students learn from them first-hand what it takes to succeed.