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Corbett Trails Wolf by Nearly 22 Points
With Election Day closing in, Democratic challenger Tom Wolf has a commanding lead over Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, 50 percent to 29.2 percent.

Most Americans Vulnerable To Hacking, Identity Theft
Nearly one in 10 Americans have experienced some form of identity theft, and twice as many have experienced data theft or breach at a business they use.

Bitcoin Could Capture the Imagination of Americans
The use of Bitcoin has increased on a global level, many Americans question whether virtual currency is preferable to traditional currency.

Americans Support Major Education Reform Initiatives
A majority of Americans favor education reform initiatives including the Common Core, charter schools, and standardized testing.

Poll Shows Tom Wolf with 30-point Lead Over Gov. Tom Corbett
Democratic challenger Tom Wolf leads Republican Gov. Tom Corbett by 55.5% to 24.7% among likely voters in Pennsylvania.

Americans Split Over the Importance of Unions
As the United States gears up for the Labor Day holiday, many Americans question whether labor unions continue to have any value, according to the latest poll.

Media Bias is Driving Away the Audience, Says RMU Poll
FOX News is the most popular TV news source among Americans, who also say they prefer objective news reporting, according to the RMU Polling Institute