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Category Description

This category encourages students to strive for academic excellence by conducting undergraduate research that transcends the traditional classroom assignment. Students are encouraged to select a topic, analyze the related literature, and create new knowledge that could potentially contribute to the field. Because every academic discipline maintains different standards for scholarship, each individual school will define their own acceptable criteria of undergraduate research.

Examples and Criteria

Activities that satisfy this category must occur under the direction of faculty. Examples include:

  • Completion of a substantial scholarly project conducted by an undergraduate student under the guidance of a faculty sponsor, OR
  • Completion of a school-approved research-based course/program, such as Honors Thesis, Social Science Seminar, etc. 

Getting SET Category Approval

To receive SET approval for a Category 3 activity, students must complete the SET Activity Approval Form and submit it to their faculty sponsor. Any current faculty member may serve as a faculty sponsor. Approval of activities in Category 3 lies at the discretion of the faculty sponsor. Some faculty sponsors may require students to get pre-approvals prior the completion of activities. Students should check with their faculty sponsor to see if pre-approval is required.  All research activitiy must conform to the requirements set forth by the RMU Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

Once the activity has been completed and approved, faculty sponsors must sign the SET Activity Approval Form and submit it to Dr. Shari Payne, Dean of Engaged Learning. Questions should be directed to Dr. Payne at (412) 397-6235or payne@rmu.edu.