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RMU's focus on communication and business skills, as well as our state-of-the-art facilities, gives graduates an advantage in the job market.


  • Competitive Intelligence Systems
    Modern business organizations leverage vast quantities of collected information to make effective decisions. Competitive intelligence embodies a systematic and ethical program for gathering, analyzing and managing information that can affect an organization's operations.
  • Information Systems
    The Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Systems Management degree program at Robert Morris University prepares students for the challenges associated with the successful design, development, implementation and management of information systems.
  • Internet Information Systems
    RMU's Internet Information Systems degree program prepares information technology professionals for the challenges of developing and maintaining effective information systems while facing the dynamic challenges of functioning in the Internet environment.
  • IT Project Management
    Today's Project Management involves much more than just overseeing a few key project parameters. As technology has evolved, so has the use of computer hardware, software, networks and interdisciplinary and global work teams as a part of project management.
  • Information Security & Assurance
    The Information Security and Assurance degree cultivates an knowledge of computer security, increasing the likelihood that the next generation of IT workers will have the background needed to design and develop systems that are engineered to be reliable and secure.
  • Organizational Leadership
    The Master’s in Organizational Leadership is an interdisciplinary degree which builds on your experience as a member of society interacting with a wide variety of institutions to learn how to effectively develop others and accomplish organizational goals.
  • Professional Enterprise Systems Certificate
    RMU's Professional Enterprise Systems Certificate prepares you to build, manage, and maintain complex enterprise systems across a wide range of applications.