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Course Catalog

Media Arts  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ARTM0400 - Professional Practices Seminar
ARTM1010 - Foundation Studio I (Course Code was formerly: VISC1001)
ARTM1011 - Foundation Studio II (Course Code was formerly: VISC1002)
ARTM1012 - Design Fundamentals
ARTM1020 - 2D Design Principles (Course Code was formerly: VISC1010)
ARTM1021 - 3D Design Principles (Course Code was formerly: VISC2020)
ARTM1022 - Color Theory
ARTM1023 - Intro To Printmaking (Course Code was formerly: VISC2015)
ARTM1030 - Survey Of Art History I
ARTM1830 - Hist Of Visual Communications (Course Code was formerly: VISC3010)
ARTM1840 - History Of Tv and Video
ARTM1850 - History Of Documentary Film
ARTM1860 - Writing & Produc Documentary
ARTM1870 - History Of Photography
ARTM2005 - Introduction To Photography (Course Code was formerly: COMM2005)
ARTM2010 - Idea Develpmt & Storyboarding
ARTM2020 - Digital Imaging (Course Code was formerly: VISC3022)
ARTM2030 - Survey Of Art History II
ARTM2050 - Writing For The Media (Course Code was formerly: COMM2050)
ARTM2110 - Intro To Graphic Design (Course Code was formerly: VISC2001)
ARTM2115 - Introduction To Typography
ARTM2120 - Vector Graphics
ARTM2210 - Intro To Web Design (Course Code was formerly: VISC4010)
ARTM2220 - Designing For New Media
ARTM2410 - Intro To Tv/Video Production (Course Code was formerly: COMM2410)
ARTM2411 - Introduction To Editing
ARTM2425 - Audio/Radio Production (Course Code was formerly: COMM2425)
ARTM2430 - Video Field Production (Course Code was formerly: COMM2430)
ARTM2431 - Introduction To Lighting
ARTM2435 - Broadcast Journalism
ARTM2451 - Directing For Camera
ARTM2452 - Television Writing
ARTM2455 - Screenwriting
ARTM2510 - Intro To Product Design
ARTM2610 - Introduction To Illustration
ARTM3065 - Film & Society In Chile
ARTM3066 - Finnish Experience
ARTM3110 - Design Studio I (Course Code was formerly: VISC3020)
ARTM3120 - Design Studio II (Course Code was formerly: VISC3021)
ARTM3130 - Production For The Designer (Course Code was formerly: VISC4025)
ARTM3140 - Corporate Identity Design (Course Code was formerly: VISC4015)
ARTM3150 - Advertising Design (Course Code was formerly: VISC4001)
ARTM3160 - Packaging Design
ARTM3190 - Graphic Design Study Abroad
ARTM3210 - Html Toolbox (Course Code was formerly: VISC3001)
ARTM3220 - Interaction Design
ARTM3300 - Digital Photography
ARTM3306 - Sp Tpc: Med Arts For Hist Pres
ARTM3310 - Advanced Digital Photography
ARTM3320 - Portrait Photography
ARTM3330 - Documentary Photography
ARTM3340 - Photojournalism
ARTM3350 - Commercial Photography I
ARTM3390 - Photography Study Abroad
ARTM3410 - Film/Video Seminar
ARTM3415 - Sound Design
ARTM3420 - Tv/Video Post Production (Course Code was formerly: COMM3420)
ARTM3421 - Introduction To Dvd Software
ARTM3425 - Color and Lighting Aesthetics
ARTM3430 - Motion Graphics (Course Code was formerly: COMM3430)
ARTM3530 - Documentary Production I
ARTM3870 - Film History (Course Code was formerly: COMM3870)
ARTM3880 - Film/Video Aesthetics (Course Code was formerly: COMM3880)
ARTM4010 - Senior Studio (Course Code was formerly: VISC4020)
ARTM4090 - Portfolio (Course Code was formerly: VISC4030)
ARTM4110 - Advanced Typography (Course Code was formerly: VISC3025)
ARTM4210 - Interactive Web Animation
ARTM4350 - Commercial Photography II
ARTM4480 - Advanced Tv/Video Workshop I
ARTM4485 - Adv Studio Production
ARTM4490 - Advanced Video Workshop II
ARTM4903 - Internship/Co-Op
ARTM4906 - Internship/Co-Op


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