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Course Descriptions for the Computer & Information Systems Department

Computer Information Systems  
List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

INFS1010 - Principles Of Info/Computing (Course Code was formerly: CI212)
INFS1020 - Intro Decision Support Systems (Course Code was formerly: INFS1010)
INFS1025 - Honors Intro To Dec Supp Syst
INFS2110 - Programming Logic (Course Code was formerly: CI315)
INFS2120 - Visual Basic Programming (Course Code was formerly: CI324)
INFS2130 - Cobol Programming (Course Code was formerly: CI328)
INFS2140 - M Programming (Course Code was formerly: INFS3140)
INFS2150 - Intro To Web Dev & E-Comm Tech (Course Code was formerly: INFS3150)
INFS2151 - Java Programming (Course Code was formerly: INFS3151)
INFS2184 - C++ Programming (Course Code was formerly: INFS3184)
INFS2410 - Office Info Sys Applications (Course Code was formerly: CI306)
INFS2411 - Office Info Sys Implemnt Strat (Course Code was formerly: CI307)
INFS2412 - Desktop Publishing (Course Code was formerly: CI308)
INFS2413 - Records Administration (Course Code was formerly: CI309)
INFS2430 - Introduction To Multimedia (Course Code was formerly: INFS3430)
INFS2470 - Decision Support Systems (Course Code was formerly: INFS3470)
INFS2480 - Telecomm For Info Professional (Course Code was formerly: INFS4410)
INFS3115 - Mobile App Development
INFS3120 - Intro To Computer Forensics
INFS3121 - Visual Basic Programming II (Course Code was formerly: INFS2121)
INFS3130 - Advanced Cobol Programming (Course Code was formerly: CI338)
INFS3131 - Enterp Transact Process Syst
INFS3141 - Adv M & Cache´ Obj Script Prog (Course Code was formerly: CI331)
INFS3152 - Adv Java: Application Program
INFS3153 - Adv Java: Applet Programming
INFS3154 - Java & Data Struct Program
INFS3160 - Human Computer Interaction (Course Code was formerly: CI339)
INFS3170 - Cyberlaw
INFS3180 - Data Structures With Pascal (Course Code was formerly: CI336)
INFS3185 - Advanced C++ Programming
INFS3188 - Object-Oriented Applicatn Prog (Course Code was formerly: CI358)
INFS3190 - Digital Evidence Analysis
INFS3191 - Mobile Forensics
INFS3210 - Operating Systems Concepts (Course Code was formerly: INFS2210)
INFS3211 - Microcomputing Technology (A+) (Course Code was formerly: INFS2211)
INFS3212 - Enterprise Operating Systems
INFS3220 - Systems Analysis and Design (Course Code was formerly: CI360)
INFS3221 - Advanced Sys Analysis/Design (Course Code was formerly: CI460)
INFS3222 - It Security, Control/Assurance
INFS3223 - It Governance, Control/Assuran
INFS3230 - Networks/Data/Computer Comm (Course Code was formerly: CI466)
INFS3231 - Network Technology & Mgt (N+) (Course Code was formerly: CI469)
INFS3233 - Admininstering MS System 7 (Course Code was formerly: CI470)
INFS3234 - Admin MS Windows MS 7 Server
INFS3235 - Computer & Network Security (Course Code was formerly: CI462)
INFS3236 - Linux System Administration (Course Code was formerly: CI467)
INFS3237 - Mng The MS Windows Enviorn (Course Code was formerly: CI472)
INFS3410 - Training/Development In Bus (Course Code was formerly: CI311)
INFS3420 - Windows 2000 Prof/Server Combi (Course Code was formerly: CI475)
INFS3440 - Health Care Information System (Course Code was formerly: CI464)
INFS3450 - Quan Analy For Inf Sys Prof
INFS3478 - Information Resources Mgmt (Course Code was formerly: CI362)
INFS3482 - Expert Systems (Course Code was formerly: CI432)
INFS3486 - Computer Simulation (Course Code was formerly: CI434)
INFS3510 - Competitive Intelligence Syst
INFS3610 - System Indicators/ Warnings
INFS3640 - Managing Intelligence Systems
INFS3710 - Knowledge Management
INFS3820 - Systems Risk Mitigation
INFS3840 - Systems Threat Def/Vul Analy
INFS4150 - Web Applic Devel Using Asp.Net
INFS4170 - Glob, Econ, Soc, Eth Iss Comp
INFS4180 - Netwk Forensics, Intr Det/Resp
INFS4220 - Data Mining Applications
INFS4240 - Database Management System (Course Code was formerly: CI436)
INFS4241 - Open Source E-Comm Devl (Lamp) (Course Code was formerly: CI446)
INFS4242 - Enterprise Database Systems
INFS4260 - Data Warehousing
INFS4630 - Intro To Geographic Info Syst
INFS4810 - Project Management (Course Code was formerly: CI490)
INFS4830 - Strategic Info Syst Planning
INFS4860 - Program Outcomes Assessment
INFS4903 - Internship/Co-Op (Course Code was formerly: CI487)
INFS4906 - Internship/Co-Op (Course Code was formerly: CI486)
INFS4909 - Internship/Co-Op (Course Code was formerly: CI476)
INFS4912 - Internship/Co-Op (Course Code was formerly: CI494)
INFS6241 - Advanced Database Mgmt Systems


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