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To download logos for the PC: Click on the desired image. When the File Download box appears, select Save and save to desired location.

To download logos for the Mac: Click on the desired image. The file will download to the location specified by your internet browser preferences.

Note regarding .eps files in Internet Explorer:
When attempting to download .eps files, Internet Explorer may automatically change the ".eps" file extension to ".ps". To ensure the integrity of the file, please change the file extension back to ".eps" when downloading. Be certain to open the file using an image-editing program. Simply double-clicking the saved item in your hard drive will not create a proper file association, and the file will not open.

Please note that you may not be able to open the logo files directly without an image-editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. However, you can save the logos to your hard drive and then place them into a word processing or desktop publishing documents (or simply forward the file onto a vendor for use).

To place the logo into a Microsoft Word document, use the "Insert Picture From File" command. To resize the logo, click on it and grab one of the corner "handles" to make it bigger or smaller. Always resize the logo with the corner handles to keep the logo in proportion; using handles on the top bottom or side will distort the logo's proportions. Remember, the red circle behind the dome should always appear as a perfect circle, never oval or egg-shaped.