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RMU Early Law School Admission Program (ELSAP) FAQ’s

What is the advantage of the Early Law School Admission Program (ELSAP)?

The Early Law School Admission Program (ELSAP) saves a whole year of studies. A student can earn both a bachelor’s and JD degree in six years instead of seven, because the first year of law school counts toward the undergraduate degree.

Who are RMU’s ELSAP Law School Partners?

  • Duquesne University Law School
  • Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law
  • The University of Akron School of Law

Is the Early Law School Admission Program (ELSAP) available to all RMU students?

No. Not all degree programs are able to participate in ELSAP. The program is available ONLY to students in all majors in the School of Business (SBUS), students taking a BA in English within the School of Communication and Information Systems (SCIS), and students in certain designated majors in the Department of Social Sciences within the School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS).

What are the requirements to become a candidate in this program?

Only full-time on-ground freshmen students are eligible to apply to become a candidate for ELSAP. Transfer students are not eligible. The program is open to applications from students who have:

Am I guaranteed admission to law school by being a candidate in this program?

No. This is an early admission program, NOT a guaranteed admission program. There is NO guarantee of law school admission. Students are accepted into ELSAP only as candidates. There are challenging requirements to remain in the program as well as for admission to law school. NOTE: Specific information regarding the requirements for admission to each of the RMU Law School Partners may be obtained by contacting the Coordinator of the RMU Pre-Law Advisory Program.

Is there an extra fee to apply?

There is no additional fee to apply to ELSAP.

When can I join ELSAP?

Students interested in ELSAP should notify their admissions counselor. During their first semester at RMU they should meet with the program coordinator. In their second semester students who meet the criteria may apply to become a candidate in the program after the successful completion of their first year of studies.

Is it difficult to remain a candidate in ELSAP?

Candidates in ELSAP must (a) take the required curriculum and maintain a 3.4 GPA, (b) be a member of the RMU Pre-Law Society, and (c) receive academic advisement from the Coordinator of the Pre-Law Advisory Program.

What happens if a student goes through three (3) years at RMU as a candidate of ELSAP and does not get accepted to Law School?

Candidates in ELSAP are NOT automatically accepted to Law School unless they meet the GPA and LSAT criteria required by the RMU law school partners. Candidates who are not admitted to Law School will complete their undergraduate degree at RMU by taking the necessary courses in their degree program during a fourth year at RMU.

During the fourth year, while attending Law School will the student be considered a RMU student or a Law School student?

For the fourth year of the program , students enroll in law school. They are categorized as undergraduate students there, even though they are law students. They also remain active students as far as RMU is concerned, retaining their RMU email and library privileges.

Will the grades I receive in my first year at Law School count towards my undergraduate degree?

NO. Only credits will be counted. Law School courses will appear as transfer credits on the undergraduate transcript with a grade of “P”.

During my fourth year, while attending Law School, do I pay RMU tuition or Law Scholl tuition?

For the fourth year of study, students will pay regular Law School tuition and fees.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

During their first year of Law School, students are eligible for undergraduate student aid. Students will be able to borrow their undergraduate loans, and receive other aid they are entitled to as an undergraduate student if they qualify (PHEAA, PELL etc.). For the first year at Law School, students will file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and list the Law School as their school. After year one, the student can then receive graduate financial aid and anything else that they may qualify for as a law student.

What if I drop out of the first year of law school or decide I don’t want to be in law school anymore?

Students who do not finish their first year of law school may return for their final year at Robert Morris to finish in their degree program. Any credits earned in law school will count towards their degree. Their RMU scholarship may be awarded back for them to complete up to two more semesters at RMU. Students who are out of RMU for more than one year would not receive their freshman merit scholarship any longer.

If you finish the first year of law school successfully, but decide not to continue into the second year, those courses from the first year of law school will be used toward your undergraduate degree.

When do I get my bachelor's degree?

Students get their undergraduate degree four years after they begin to matriculate at RMU. They walk with their class at commencement, with a year of law school already completed.

Can I transfer to another law school?

The ability to transfer from one law school to another will be solely within the discretion of the law schools involved in the transfer process.