Global Engagement

A Campus Connected to the World

Cultural, social, and business connections are bringing people around the world closer together every day, creating new opportunities for personal growth and enrichment as well as preparation for future career success.

RMU strongly supports international awareness, involvement, and study through the Center for Global Engagement. Programs include visiting international scholars who live on campus, international student clubs and events, and study abroad options from a couple weeks to a semester or year.

Rooney Scholar

Rooney International Visiting Scholars

Each semester brings a new professor to live on campus and share experiences and perspectives with students.

Global Ambassadors

Global Campus

Global Carnevale, a Global Village residence hall program, Global Ambassadors student program, clubs, movies, and other events.

Study Abroad Japan

Study Abroad

Short study tours led by RMU faculty include accounting in Japan, healthcare in Australia, renewable resources in Germany, and others. Or take a semester at an RMU partner school.

International students

International Students

With 8 percent of its enrollment from another country, RMU is a supportive community for international students.

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