A 3-day workshop is coming to RMU that will bring together a diverse collection of instructors, developers, and researchers who are currently working with or are interested in learning about CalcPlot3D.

NSF-sponsored CalcPlot3D Conference

The workshop will expose faculty, graduate students, and high school teachers to CalcPlot3D, a dynamic visualization tool used in multivariable calculus, differential equations, and other courses. Over the course of 3 days in a series of lectures and working sessions, participants will be involved in developing activities to share with one another and take back to their classrooms. Additionally, participants will be invited to design and join research projects to measure the effectiveness of using CalcPlot3D as a visualization tool to improve student understanding and three-dimensional reasoning.

This workshop is for both new users of CalcPlot3D and for those who have been using it regularly in their classes already. We plan to not only bring everyone up to speed in using CalcPlot3D effectively, but also to develop new materials, concept explorations, and classroom presentations and hands-on activities as we work together to brainstorm, develop, and share.

We will also spend some time creating meaningful uses of 3D-printed solids from CalcPlot3D files for use in our classrooms, and we’ll be able to print some of these surfaces in RMU’s 3D-printing labs. RMU’s 3D-printing laboratory is equipped state-of-art 3D-printing machines and software. The 3D-printing lab can print various materials and sizes including biodegradable PLA, durable ABS, transparent resins, stainless steel and alloys, and carbon fiber composites

Early career educators and participants interested in using CalcPlot3D in classes outside of multivariable calculus are especially encouraged to apply.

The workshop will cover travel up to $500 and hotel costs during the workshop for each selected participant. Some working meals will be provided as well. For those accepted into the workshop, we will contact you to arrange your transportation and hotel. Participants will arrive before the morning of June 12 and depart after the afternoon of June 14. Please do not book your own flight or hotel. If you do so, we will not be able to reimburse you for your travel costs.

Deadline to apply: April 30, 2019

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