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Master Of Science In Internet Info Sys (Fully Online)
Concentration: Internet Infor Syst - Enterprise Syst Concen (Fully Online)
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REQUIREMENTS 21 Credits Required
  3 credits One from... INFS6120 Visual Basic Programming
  INFS6121 Advanced Visual Basic Prog
  INFS6151 Java Programming
  INFS6160 Visual C# Programming
  3 credits INFS6212 Enterprise Operating Systems
  3 credits INFS6225 Obj Orient Syst Analysis/Desig
  3 credits INFS6231 Network Technology & Mgt (N+)
  3 credits INFS6242 Enterprise Database Systems
  3 credits INFS6490 Computer Network Security
  0 credits INFS7000 Program Outcome Assessment
  3 credits One from... INFS6151 Java Programming
  INFS7150 Intro To Web Development
  3 credits INFS6130 Cobol Programming
  3 credits INFS6320 Advanced Cobol Programming
  3 credits INFS6321 Enterp Transact Process Syst

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