Alumni & Giving

Your Gift Matters

When you support RMU, you help to make a college degree more accessible, through scholarships that let students focus on their studies rather than on how to make ends meet.  You also help to make every RMU degree more valuable, by raising the university’s stature in national rankings of alumni engagement.

Scholarship Support

Make a difference in the life of a student today and set an example of giving back and helping others. Give now.

Annual Giving

Your yearly commitment raises RMU’s national reputation. Contact Jennifer Young, Director of Annual Giving, at or 412-397-5452. Give now.

Planned Giving

Leave a legacy for future generations. Contact Josh Diller, Director of Planned Giving, at or 412-397-5453. Give now.

Parent Fund

Help RMU have an impact on your daughter or son. Contact Hillary Moore, Assistant Director of Student and Parent Philanthropy, at or 412-397-5420. Give now.

Class Gift

Make a mark with the senior class and create a lasting culture of philanthropy. Contact Hillary Moore, Assistant Director of Student and Parent Philanthropy, at or 412-397-5420. Give now.

Areas of Support

RMU Student Fund (Area of Greatest Need)
Student Emergency Fund
VETS Emergency Fund
Campus Support

Ways of Giving

Cash or credit donations: Gifts to the university can be made with cash or check (payable to "Robert Morris University"), or by any major credit card.

Monthly draft: Authorize an automatic draft from your checking or a credit card account on a monthly basis and spread your gift out over the fiscal year.

Payroll deduction: Employees of RMU can have the Payroll Department deduct a monthly contribution to the university from their paycheck.

For more information, contact Jennifer Young, Director of Annual Giving, at or (412) 397-5452.

Major Giving Options

Cash: Cash gifts in the form of checks or money orders shall be made payable to Robert Morris University and shall be delivered to the Office of Institutional Advancement. Gifts may also be made by credit card, automatic debit, electronic transfer, and RMU payroll deduction in accordance with university procedure. For more information, contact Jay Carson at or (412) 397-6404.

Securities: A viable alternative to a cash gift is a gift of appreciated securities. If you have owned the stocks or securities for more than one year, you are entitled to a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of your gift to the fullest extent permitted by law. For more information, please contact Joshua Diller at or 412-397-5453. Learn more.

Pledges: A pledge is a signed and dated commitment to make a gift over a specified period, generally two or more years, payable according to terms set by the donor and accepted by the university. For more information, contact Jay Carson at or (412) 397-6404.

Clubs and Councils

Get together with other donors who share your interests. Participate in exclusive events and meet the students who benefit from your generosity.

President’s Council

Donors who contribute $1,000 or more each year are members of the university’s President’s Council, with exclusive access to a range of RMU events and other special experiences. Contact Jennifer Young at or 412-397-5452Learn more.

Associates Council

Alumni who earned a bachelor’s degree in the past five years can enjoy many of the benefits of the President’s Council by joining the Associate’s Council with a starting contribution of only $200. Contact Jennifer Young at or 412-397-5452.

CEO Club

This exclusive group is limited to CEOs, chairpersons, presidents, or company owners who contribute $1,000 or more annually. Members network with business leaders and enjoy exciting, exclusive events. Contact Allie Fetchko at or 412-397-6432. Give Now.

Visit the CEO Club page for more details.

1921 Club

Support the excellence of each student-athlete who competes for the Colonials. For an annual contribution of $1,000 or more to Athletics, members receive preferred seating and hospitality club access at basketball, football, and hockey games, plus VIP trips and other exclusive benefits. Contact T.J Brown at or 412-397-5960. Learn more.

Varsity Club

Former RMU student-athletes can join for a donation equal to the jersey number they wore as a Colonial, and enjoy tickets to games, events, and other opportunities. Contact Keri Meyer at or 412-397-6411. Learn more.

Founder's Society

The Founder's Society is for undergraduate students who support the university with a minimum of $5 annually and enjoy donor exclusive invitations and opportunities. Contact Hillary Moore, Assistant Director of Student and Parent Philanthropy, at or 412-397-5420. Learn more.

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