Undergraduate Programs

Professionally focused programs. Faculty with real-world experience. The support you need to succeed.

Choosing your advanced degree is an important decision. You're not just picking a major, you're choosing a course of study that you hope will lead to a successful and fulfilling career.

RMU offers more than 60 undergraduate areas of study across five academic schools. Each program is designed to help you build the career of your dreams. Our faculty members bring first-hand work experience into the classroom, giving you a true insider's perspective, while internships and other professional experiences further enhance your education. In short, RMU helps you turn your passion into a career.

RMU Undergraduate Programs degree availability
Accounting B.S.B.A. On Campus
Business B.S.B.A. Online
Finance B.S.B.A. On Campus
Hospitality and Tourism Management B.S.B.A. On Campus & Online
Management B.S.B.A. On Campus
Marketing B.S.B.A. On Campus
Sport Management B.S.B.A. On Campus
Advertising B.A. On Campus
Communication Studies B.A. On Campus
Corporate Communication B.A. On Campus
English B.A. On Campus
Journalism B.A. On Campus
Public Relations B.A. On Campus
Secondary Education - English B.A. On Campus
Theater B.A. On Campus
Early Childhood Education B.S. On Campus
Middle Level Education B.S. On Campus
Secondary Education B.A. or B.S. On Campus
Secondary Education - Business Education B.S. On Campus
Engineering B.S. On Campus
Manufacturing Engineering B.S. On Campus
Computer & Information Systems
Computer Information Systems B.S. On Campus
Cyber Forensics and Information Security B.S. On Campus & Online
Data Analytics B.S. On Campus & Online
Information Sciences B.S. On Campus
Organizational Leadership B.S. On Campus & Online
Actuarial Science B.S. On Campus
Financial Mathematics B.S. On Campus
Mathematics B.A. On Campus
Mathematics Education B.S. On Campus
Statistics and Predictive Analytics B.S. On Campus
Media Arts
Digital Cinema and Television B.A. or B.F.A. On Campus
Graphic Design B.A. or B.F.A. On Campus
Interaction Design B.A. or B.F.A. On Campus
Photography B.A. or B.F.A. On Campus
Nursing & Health Sciences
Health Services Administration B.S. On Campus & Online
Nuclear Medicine Technology B.S. On Campus
Nursing B.S.N. On Campus
R.N. to B.S.N. B.S.N. Online
Biology B.S. On Campus
Environmental Science B.A. or B.S. On Campus
Pre-Med B.S. On Campus
Secondary Education - Biology B.S. On Campus
Social Sciences
Criminal Justice B.S. On Campus & Online
Economics B.A. On Campus
History B.A. On Campus
Political Science B.A. On Campus
Psychology B.S. On Campus
Social Science B.A. or B.S. On Campus
Social Science Education B.A. On Campus
Sociology B.A. On Campus